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Steven Strogatz guest blogs on the New York Times

New York Times logo Steven Strogatz, a mathematician at Cornell University and the author of a really cool book on chaotic dynamical systems was asked to guest blog at the New York Times today. He has written a short but interesting piece about power laws originating in biological systems and even in cities.


Iterated Function Systems and Fractals

This code generates fractals based upon an iterated function system (IFS). Several input files and a Makefile are included. The code is written in C++, and distributed as a tarball. I did this for a class at the University of Utah, but it is based upon a homework assignment for a computer graphics class at MIT (6.837).

Below is the famous Barnsley fern which was generated by an IFS with just four transforms!
Barnsley Fern

New and Improved Sierpinski Triangle C++ Code

I modified my Sierpinski triangle code so that it now allows you to adjust the contraction mapping constant. Normally one uses a contraction mapping constant of 1/2 but if you invert that and instead use an expansion mapping constant of 2, then you get the following pretty picture.
Sierpinski Triangle Under Expansion Map