Iterated Function Systems and Fractals

This code generates fractals based upon an iterated function system (IFS). Several input files and a Makefile are included. The code is written in C++, and distributed as a tarball. I did this for a class at the University of Utah, but it is based upon a homework assignment for a computer graphics class at MIT (6.837).

Below is the famous Barnsley fern which was generated by an IFS with just four transforms!
Barnsley Fern

One thought on “Iterated Function Systems and Fractals

  1. Jeff

    A few weeks ago when we were reviewing recursion in my introductory CS class, we had a project much like this in which we were to render a simple fractal (in Java). How would you go about rendering fractals iteratively? What are the benefits of an IFS? I briefly looked through the code, but I had homework to do.


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