Monthly Archives: January 2007

Book Review: Letters to a Young Mathematician

Letters to a Young Mathematician book coverI found this book in my local library and read it over the weekend. It is a quick read, but has some excellent advice. One thing I liked is the advice on how to read a math text or other technical material. The main idea is that if you get stuck, don’t go backwards assuming you missed something, instead keep going because often you’ll find the new or unfamiliar term defined in a short while. I only learned this myself about a year or two ago. It definitely seems counter-intuitive to keep going, but in the long run it usually works.


New Calculus Flash Cards

I’ve created a new deck of flash cards for calculus. They cover high-school and college-level Calculus I, that is functions, limits, continuity, derivatives, and differentiability.

I also updated my Abstract Algebra flash cards to cover most all of elementary group theory. You can find my PDF flash cards at my web site: